Excellence in Diversity

Excellence in Diversity

Inclusion is one of ULA’s core values that we foster as a company and as a team. Diversity of thought and talent brings a level of success to teams, organizations and a company that would not be possible otherwise. At ULA, we create an environment of learning and growth through buddy assignments, mentoring, coaching, job rotations, apprenticeships, expert/protégé pairings and a myriad of other programs focused on professional development. The spectrum of talent, from entry-level through seasoned employees, are all in essential roles focused on mission success. Team collaboration and personal contributions of ideas and input are highly valued and rewarded at every level in the company.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, are employee-led groups that engage in professional and personal development efforts, participation in networking activities, and support ULA's business strategies and programs. Each ERG is open to all ULA employees. ERGs may affiliate with approved external professional organizations to increase awareness, to network, and to enhance professional skills.

These are ULA’s ERG teams who are fostering team building, professional development and community engagement:

•  Asian and Pacific Islanders Scene (API Scene)
•  Latinx In Science & Technology Orchestrating Success (LISTOS)
•  New Employees Boosting ULA (NEBULA)
•  Out In Space
•  The African-American Leadership and Engagement Networking Team (TAALENT)
•  Veterans and Launch Outreach (VALOR)
•  Women in Launch (WIL)

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